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Strategy Dynamics and Business Modeling courses

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We offer a pair of related courses, that can be taken self-taught, at your own pace, or as an instructor-led course over 8 weeks, that covers both topics.

Each course is delivered in two parts - "Core Frameworks" (available now) and "Extensions" (coming soon).


Strategy Dynamics Course

Do you want to understand the fundamental structures driving performance of real-world organisations and issues that they face?

This course shows how to use these structures to explain why performance results have changed up to now, where results will likely go under current plans, and how to deliver sustained, stronger performance.

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Dynamic Business Modeling

Do you want to build working, quantified models of your organisation or function, or of challenges you are facing?

This course explains and demonstrates how to create working, quantified models of an enterprise, function or issue, consistent with the principles explained in the Strategy Dynamics Course

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Individual course - self-paced £90 each + VAT in EU)

Take the Strategy Dynamics and /or Business Modeling course on a self paced basis:

Online Video classes
Exercises with range of business models
Model building exercises
Supporting book - Strategy Dynamics Essentials
Supporting Software - 2 Months Sysdea access

Combined course - Instructor led £390 + VAT in EU)

The Instructor-led Strategy Dynamics and Business Modeling course provides all of the content of the Strategy Dynamics course AND the Business Modeling Course, PLUS:

  • a scheduled class time-table for you to follow the classes along with other participants [typically weekly]
  • a Forum for raising questions and discussions related to each class
  • a webinar, suited to East and West time-zones, for providing additional explanations

The instructor-led course also includes the option - through submission of assessed work - to gain Certification in the method.

[Strategy Dynamics]… allows you to do as Roger Martin (Professor at Rotman Business School), and A.G. Lafley, (CEO of Proctor and Gamble) advise in their book Playing to Win. That is, it allows evidence to replace the guessing. thereby removing the politics from decision-making. The result is better, more informed, decisions and a better business culture.

Another important point about Strategy Dynamics is the fact it "provides a solid foundation for methods such as the Balanced Scorecard and Value Based Management, and is a means of integrating other established strategy frameworks and approaches, such as PEST, Core Competence and Value Chain".
Paul Barnett
Founder / CEO at Business Hard Talk
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