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Selection of Materials from Past Events

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Planning, Financing and Managing Early-Stage Ventures

Keynote presentation at Latin American System Dynamics Conference (CLADS), Sao Paulo, November 2016.

Looks at how a single dynamic business model can be developed through three stages for new business ventures [1] A pre-launch 'sense-checking' plan, that tests the founder's assumptions and alternatives and shows what needs to happen for the venture to work [2] A fully validated business plan model, linking tangible factors like customer growth, staffing and capacity to a full financial projection, suitable for sharing with potential investors, and [3] A live operational model to inform period-to-period management decisions and continual updates to the business plan as real-world experience builds up.

System Dynamics Business Modeling

: Workshop for managers, consultants and students

EURO2016 Operational Research Society Conference, Poznan, Poland, July 2016

System dynamics offers powerful tools for understanding how businesses work and perform over time. This workshop focused on the practices of system dynamics business modeling, providing a methodology that can be applied to companies and public organizations of any kind. In this hands-on workshop, participants experience the essential principles of system-dynamics-based modeling, and are enabled to apply them, through work on a real business case. They can work on the case individually or in small groups using their own laptops. The participants will go away with the working models of that real case and plenty of other free models and methods.

Dynamic modeling and Enterprise Architecture for IS strategic planning

Keynote talks 2015/16 at the Chinese Culture University, Taiwan and Open Group Conference, Edinburgh.

Enterprise Architecure (EA) has strong and extensive foundations based on identifying processes and capabilities required to deliver organisations' strategies and desired performance. 'System dynamics' (SD), in contrast, builds working, quantified models of any enterprise system to simulate how that system develops itself and delivers performance. So, EA looks at how processes act on the 'things and stuff' of the enterprise … SD takes those processes as given, and models how those 'things and stuff' change over time - quantitatively. Processes' effectiveness appears in SD models in the math of the causal relationships - so process *change* alters that math, at whatever point in the system the process is located.

The opportunity, then, is to combine EA and SD into much more powerful dynamic business models than either approach can achieve alone.This presentation will explain these principles, and demonstrate first results from efforts to build such a combined EA<>SD framework and model.

System Dynamics - solve issues and build living business models.

Magna lecture to Systems Engineering students and Faculty, ITESM Mexico City. April 2016

System Dynamics is a powerful method, widely used to solve problems in business and other organisations. However, it’s potential is far greater. A good SD model should not only mimic the behaviour of the organisation it represents, it should also reflect accurately the elements of that system and the past and likely future behaviour of all those items. This makes the model suitable for continual use, to make period-to-period decisions and assist in implementing the organisations strategy.
Playlist consisting of 3 videos:
1. Explains the problems and limitations of common business-model frameworks from consulting firms and taught in business schools with example ..
2. Describes a business case study in marine engineering ..
3. shows a dynamic business model of the case from a conference key-note lecture.