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Dynamic Business Modeling - Core Classes
Two-week Online Course for Teachers and Students

Course Leader: Kim Warren

Enrollment is now closed for this block course. Please see the detailed course page for options..

The course …

This course explains how to create working, quantified models of any enterprise, function or issue, by following our 'agile' modeling process for building a quantified model capable of matching observed business performance. This process discovers the causal relationships between business elements by capturing how each is changing over time, and adds the often simple arithmetical relationships between them. Along the way you will find many parts of the complete model that are useful on their own, for example to capture how and why changing customer-numbers are driving sales, or how hiring, promotion and turnover are driving changes to a workforce.

For more information on the course see the detailed course page.

The offer …

  • Four full video-classes; each in several short segments - a total of nearly 7 hours of instruction
  • Unlimited access to the many working models you will learn to build during the classes, all adaptable to a variety of cases
  • 5 webinars during early January - an opportunity to resolve questions and to learn from others' models
  • Access to the Sysdea browser-based modeling app to end-January 2018

How it works …

  • You will get access to all the course materials as soon as you sign up for the course - feel free to use as much of the material as you wish
  • Wherever you get to, an automated email schedule, starting December 28, guides your studies through the video classes, demonstrations and exercises
  • Join 1-hour webinars on January 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12.

The Workload …

Many class segments are optional, but you should allow at least 1 hour per class for the essential parts, plus a similar time for working through the demonstrations. You can do all this to your own time-table - the only fixed dates and times are for the webinars.

All webinars will be held at 2pm LONDON time (GMT), scheduled for 1 hour, and will be recorded, the first will be at your local time