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Webinar : Living Business Models With Kim Warren - 18 May 2017

Our FREE webinar shows why every senior leader should understand the power that Strategy Dynamics offers, and why every analyst and consultant should be able to build the Living Business Models that the method makes possible.

Kim shares some of the many cases where Living Business Models solved major challenges, or provided rock-solid, adaptable plans for all kinds of enterprise, from start-ups to corporate turn-rounds. He will also show that building these models is easier, faster, and more reliable than spreadsheet-based alternatives that can only produce less-useful results.

Who should attend?

  • Executives with responsibility for the mid- to long-term performance of a business or key department.
  • Analysts or consultants who support or advise senior executives.
  • Anyone needing to put together long-term plans for their organisation or function, or facing a challenge or opportunity that requires rigorous and reliable planning and execution
  • Anyone wanting to understand what the most rigorous, integrated approach to business modeling can achieve.

The content is relevant to any organisation, of any size, in any sector, and at any stage of its life.

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