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Beefeater Restaurants

In this PC simulation, Beefeater confronts teams with the challenges involved in growing a multiple consumer retailing business over as much as 10 years. At first, there is considerable undeveloped opportunity, but as restaurant numbers grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to drive further growth. Teams will gain valuable insight into important issues common to other business situations, such as:

  • building and maintaining a strong reputation with customers, based on high quality product and service,
  • driving growth through expansion in a large but limited market, when profitable growth becomes increasingly hard to find,
  • coping with the conflict between the need to improve customer service whilst at the same time limiting costs so as to give investors a financial return,
  • [optionally] driving quickly to exploit the opportunity for sales and profits in the limited market, against a determined competitor,
The Beefeater business simulation allows teams to tackle these issues from several different starting situations – a business that is already growing fast, another that must be rescued from disaster, or the challenge of chasing a rival who started to develop their business and exploit the market before you. Teams can pursue a variety of goals: building the firm’s sales or profitability; growing and maintaining 'shareholder value'; or simply seeking personal rewards from profit-related bonuses.

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"As programme leader for the Bachelor degree programme at Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland I am happy to recommend the use of the Beefeater Microworld software supplied by Strategy Dynamics."
Paul Chappell, Glion Institute of Higher Education
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