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Beefeater Restaurants


I really enjoyed the Beefeater Restaurants simulation and in fact each time I discovered new things to show students.
This Restaurant simulation has been used for a number of years at this institution to great effect. More recently it has taken a fundamental role in the Food & beverage Management course at Undergraduate level.
I have used the Beefeater Microworld simulation very successfully since the mid-1990s with a variety of students groups …
There are several things that I appreciate in the Beefeater Simulation. A few in random order…

Additional materials

Take a tour: 3 mins, no sound )

Take a tour: 12 mins, with sound

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White Label Restaurants tour,
an 'unbranded' version of Beefeater.
(22 minutes)

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"As programme leader for the Bachelor degree programme at Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland I am happy to recommend the use of the Beefeater Microworld software supplied by Strategy Dynamics."
Paul Chappell, Glion Institute of Higher Education
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