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eBank Microworld

Generic learning points …

Business performance over time (sales and earnings) depends on the resources we have.

Resources are won and lost over time (customers = sum of all customers ever won, minus all ever lost).

Specific to this microworld …

Need for balance between growth of ‘demand-side’ resources (savers) and ‘supply-side’ resources (the service staff who provide the capacity to deal with the workload from savers).

Lead-time required to bringing resources into balance (the hiring and training time). Intangible resources (reputation) can severely constrain growth of tangible resources (savers) – it responds quickly to poor service, and slowly to improvements.

Service demand is driven by three distinct forces – the winning of new customers (new savers have to be processed), the ongoing support for having the customer-base resource (regular account statements and enquiries) and the losing of customers (processing accounts for savers who leave).
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