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LoFare Airlines

Where would I use LoFare Airlines?

Strategy courses for MBAs or under-graduates. The game offers vital learning about strategy implementation — how to deliver performance through the continuing stream of decisions that build and sustain resources and profitability. The game can therefore be used:
  • at the start of a Strategy course, to bring to life the decision-making reality faced by management teams
  • at key points during the course, to make the link from strategy positioning to implementation, the role of resources in driving performance, or the dynamics of competition
  • as a capstone exercise at the end of a course, to offer a whole business, whole industry view of how strategy and performance play out over time
Executive strategy classes. The game is a great addition to executive classes, where again it makes a strong bridge from the principles of strategy positioning to the continuous stream of decisions needed to translate that strategy into performance.

Strategy Dynamics courses. The game is built on rock-solid foundations explained in the book Strategy Dynamics Essentials and taught in our online Strategy Dynamics course. Strategy Dynamics lays out the links from resources to performance, and the growth and interdependence between resources in the business system. The frameworks are simple enough in principle, but must be experienced to be truly understood, so the LoFare Airline game offers a powerful learning opportunity for students and class participants to gain that experience.

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The LoFare Airlines Microworld has been selected as a complementary simulation to Contemporary Strategy Analysis by Robert Grant.

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LoFare Airline Microworld Tour
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Strategy frameworks for LoFare Airlines
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