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Teams control strategy by making a small number of key decisions, and can progress through the simulation at their own pace, trying alternatives and saving scenarios.

Includes, tutorials and three pre-set challenges – you can also create your own challenges for your courses.

Site Licence materials include a user’s guide and instructor’s slides and slide notes.

Feature List
Three challenges included - part played scenarios that provide different situations for students to work with.
Teachers materials
Site License materials include the user’s guide as well as instructor’s slides and slide notes.
Resource map
Simple resource map showing a summary of the current state of the data.
Three numerical reports showing relevant financial and operational data.
Eight graphs showing the history of key data items.
Table data
Two tables showing financial and service data.
Game Notepad
Use the Game Notepad to record strategies. In conjunction with easy copy and paste facilities for Reports, Graphs and Tables this makes presentation of results simple.
Save Comments with games
By default, comments in the game notepad can be saved with the game making it easy to create new scenarios for students.
Table of User Decisions
Makes it easy to keep track of your actions.
Table of all public variables
Analysis of game results is made easy with this additional feature. Results are presented in the same order as the reports / tables but on copying to Excel or similar spreadsheet can be re-ordered to enable straightforward analysis.
Custom Graphs
Any item appearing in a table can be represented as a graph - simply double click on the table heading.
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