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People Express


Teams control strategy by making a small number of key decisions, and can progress through the simulation at their own pace, trying alternatives and saving scenarios.

This business simulation, created by Professor John Sterman at MIT is now delivered online.
Teams make management decisions on a Quarterly basis and can select to run forward at any time. Feedback is given via reports, graphs and tables that give information on profitability, market and operations.

Feature List
Six decisions: Aircraft purchases, Fares charged, marketing as a fraction of revenue, hiring and target service scope

Teams choose when to run forward and the simulation runs forward one quarter with each step, or teams can choose to repeat decisions over several quarters
Seven reports showing relevant end of quarter financial and operational data
Summary report | Breakeven analysis | Capacity and load | Employees | Financial report | Market research | Stock price and earnings
A range of 19 graphs showing the history of key data items. Additionally, any item appearing in a table can be represented as a graph.
Table data
Seven tables showing the history of financial and service data shown in the reports. Download data to CSV for spreadsheet analysis.
Table of User Decisions
Makes it easy to keep track of your actions.
Table of all public variables
Analysis of game results is made easy with this additional feature. Results are presented in the same order as the reports / tables but can be downloaded in CSV format for opening in a spreadsheet so can be re-ordered to enable straightforward analysis.
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