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Professional Services

Some initial questions you may have...

If you have other questions that you would like to see answered on this page please contact us

What time period is needed in class?

This simulation can easily be accommodated in a three hour class although more extensive use is also possible. See our "Sample schedule" for possible class outlines

Can I afford it?

Our pricing system is on a per head basis so if you have 20 students in your class you need 20 student licences. For academic use the Professional Services simulation is charged at £10.00 per student so a class of 20 would cost £200.00. Academic licences are subject to a minimum charge of £60.00.

For executive programs the cost is £25.00 per participant on the course.

More information on pricing is available on the games website

Can students have this on their own computer?

Yes, the game is played in a browser so students can access from anywhere they are able to login.

Getting started - playing the game

Teams of players (we suggest 3-4 people per team) enter their decisions and then select Run.

They use the reports, tables and graphs to see how their decisions are affecting business performance and they also get some feedback. The year end memo report and annual highlights provide a snapshot of the health of the firm whilst the resource-map provides an insight into the balance between staff, clients and workload.

The default period that the game runs forward is 1 year. Players can select to run 1, 5 10 or 30 years at a time They can elect to Go Back one step or restart the game. For the online version instructors can now prevent the use of the Go Back option.

What documentation is provided?

Teachers are provided with a comprehensive Instructors guide that includes background to the simulation, suggestions on teaching and slide set with notes.

Materials are provided within the event for students: a user guide, challenge summaries and slide handouts.

Please note that for copyright reasons we are not able to supply the related case study and you are advised to acquire this from your regular case study supplier if you wish to use it.

Short term evaluation access including inspection documentation is available to teachers on request.

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