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White Label Restaurants

Some questions you may have...

If you have other questions that you would like to see answered on this page please contact us.

In what way is White Label different from the Beefeater game?

The games are identical except for White Label being "unbranded". The case studies with White Label are those relating to the Beefeater Restaurants business in the UK so names are not changed. The difference really lies in how they are presented for teaching purposes.

White Label and its supporting material are designed to be taught as part of standard strategy classes. There is a very short description of the case-situation, and a ton of material about how regular text-book strategy frameworks apply to the case. Then there is a simple guide to the critical issue of strategy implementation by understanding the resource-building and interdependence in the business system.

Beefeater's teaching materials focus more on the systems thinking and system dynamics of the business model - especially on the feedback structures that enable or constrain growth, and cause complex performance changes as time passes.

What are the benefits of online delivery?

Benefits include:

  • No downloads or installations required
  • Always latest version
  • Accessible anywhere with latest browser
  • Additional features for teachers - e.g player KPI report - and more features in development

What time period is needed in class?

This simulation can easily be accommodated in a three hour class although more extensive use is also possible. See our "Sample schedule" for possible class outlines

Can I afford it?

Our pricing system is on a per head basis so if you have 20 students in your class you need an event covering 20 students. For academic use the White Label Restaurants simulation is charged at £10.00 per student so a class of 20 would cost £200.00. Academic licences are subject to a minimum charge of £60.00.

For executive programs the cost is £25.00 per participant on the course.

Alternatively, if you are running a one or two day workshop and want to work in groups please contact us for information and pricing.

More pricing information here

How long do students need to learn how to use it?

Very little time is required - the interface is simple and uses normal conventions - a short Getting Started guide is included on events which provides an adequate guide.

Getting started —Playing the game:

Individuals or groups players (we suggest 3-4 people per group if using groups) enter their decisions and then select Run.

They use the reports etc to see how their decisions are affecting business performance and they also get some feedback from head office: part of the challenge is to meet profit targets and this can be tricky! If Head office is happy they will make more money available for developing new restaurants: (shown on the Targets and Capital report) and the team builds the restaurant chain by requesting capital.

The default period that the game runs forward is 3 months, players can select to change this to 1 year, 2.5 years or 10 years. They can elect to Go Back or restart the game, at which time the competitor choice is available again.

What documentation is provided?

Teachers are provided with:
  • Teachers Guide
  • Slides full size
  • Slides in handout form which can be provided to students
  • Challenges suggested solutions
  • Case study which can also be provided to students
Materials provided to students by default
  • Quick start guide
  • Challenges - introduction
An inspection copy of the documentation is available on request.
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