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Dynamic Business Modeling Course
Class 3 – Stocks accumulate and deplete

If performance is driven by the resources we have, then our business or department can deliver sustained, strong performance by building and retaining those resources. These so-called Stocks “accumulate” - filling up and draining away over time. In many cases, big improvements can be made by giving proper attention to driving the in-flow and limiting the out-flow, using time-charts to show how those win- and loss-rates are changing.

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Segments in this class:

  • 3.1   Modeling how Flows fill and drain stocks **
  • 3.2   Where Flows come from and go to
  • 3.3   Using a common customer-flows and sales structure
  • 3.4   Working out period-end and period-average Stock values
  • 3.5   Adding delays to when Flows happen
  • 3.6   Modeling sales for durables: the owner-base and installed-base
  • 3.7   How to model Stocks' growth when we have segmentation
  • 3.8   Why segmentation is vital for getting accurate results

** This segment is included in the "Getting started" course.

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