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Dynamic Business Modeling Course
Class 8 – Modeling policies to automate decisions

Some decisions are so routine that we have policies to guide our choices in any period - Staff overload? … then hire more staff! Often, though, policies that seem to make sense either don’t work or actually make the situation worse! Many policies are embedded in business control-systems, but even when they are not so explicit, we often follow a simple rule-of-thumb to figure out our decision. We show how to model these rules, using the difference between current and actual performance to work out what to do. Then you can test different decision-rules to get better, sustained results.

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You are not registered for this course. Topics covered in this class are:

  • 8.1   How policies compare outcomes and targets to set decisions
  • 8.2   Understanding the "policies" of staff and customers
  • 8.3   Dealing with multiple and conflicting objectives
  • 8.4   How policies affect competition outcomes
  • 8.5   Using models as Key Performance Indicator systems (KPIs)
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This Business Modeling course is supported by a series of Worksheets – one or more for each class. These are provided as Sysdea software models. You will need a Sysdea account to use these models. For our shorter courses access to Sysdea is provided for the duration of the course. For our full price self-guided option a voucher for 2 months access is provided.

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When logged in and registered on this course additional resources are supplied on this tab - these are often in the form of Sysdea models that you can copy to your own account.

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