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Strategy Dynamics Course - Getting Started

Strategy Dynamics starts with understanding how an organization’s resources behave and are developed and connected into a ‘strategic architecture’ that drives performance [whether in corporate, public-service or non-profit settings]. It addresses competitive dynamics and implications for profitability. It is consistent with, and adds to, established strategy theory and principles.

Some of the materials are available freely when logged in on this site. Materials that need to be purchased are indicated by greyed out listings. Information of purchasing access to the course is available here.

Course textbook

Strategy Dynamics Essentials is provided as part of the course materials but you can choose to use Strategic Management Dynamics instead. See the "Books etc" tab for more information.


Sysdea logo For Self-guided courses a Sysdea licence is not needed as the exercises can be done without an account. For Tutored courses a voucher for two months access to Sysdea is included.

Subscriptions to Sysdea cost is $15 per month (+ VAT in EU) and can be cancelled at any time. See

Organisation of this section of the website

There is a separate page for each class - accessed at the left. On each page the content is divided into tabbed sections. The content that can be seen on each tab will reflect your login status:

  • Overview – an outline of the topic area covered, available to all site visitors
  • Video segments – recorded lecture segments with Kim Warren. Items available will reflect your subscription status.
  • Worksheets – Links to worksheets as PDF or Sysdea links.
  • Exercises – exercises that support the class, mostly using Sysdea.
  • For Teachers – additional materials for individuals who have registered as a teachers on this site.
  • Books etc. – Suggested books that may be used to supplement the course.
Each class has a number of lecture segments available to individuals enrolled on our online course. These are all to be found on the "Video Segments" tab on the page for each class.

Our course lecture videos may include short quizzes that will allow you to test your understanding as you watch the lecture. When it's time for an in-video quiz, the lecture will pause, and you'll see a question and answer options on the screen. These are managed using an external service and if you wish to take the quiz you will need to add your name and email address at the start of each segment.

If you are not enrolled on the full course, some information may be shown in grey text about materials not currently available to you.

This Strategy Dynamics course is supported by a series of Worksheets – one or more for each class. They come in two forms:

  • PDF Worksheets suitiable for simple cases, for completion by hand, provided with each class.
  • Sysdea software versions of the Worksheets providing more flexibility to adapt the Worksheets to your case.

The Business Modeling course explains how to go further with the software Worksheets and build arithmetical relationships to create working, quantified simulation models.

Links to exercises / activity suggestions will be on this tab if you are subscribed to the associated segment(s) of the online course.

Sysdea logo Sysdea online planning software is used throughout the course. See the Sysdea website

Exercises are provided as Sysdea Read-only models that can be run, but not saved.

free access for teachers - login or register Additional materials are available to registered teachers as well as free access to the complete course. Login here or register here for more information.

The Strategy Dynamics course is supplemented by a text: you can use either "Strategy Dynamics Essentials" or "Strategic Management Dynamics", depending on personal preference. Essentials is a highly condensed version of the latter text, and is available in PDF format or on Kindle only.

A copy of Essentials in PDF format is included with any course purchase. A link will be included in your Library after purchasing a course.

Strategy Dynamics Essentials
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