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Strategy Dynamics Course - Class 5 – Resource attributes


This course is unavailable whilst it is being updated.

NOTE: The frameworks in this class can be applied on their own, as well as being used as part of a more complete business model.

This class explains how the varying quality of resources – larger or smaller customers, more or less appealing products, more or less experienced staff and so on – affects an organization’s performance.

These qualities - or attributes - rise or fall alongside changes to the resource itself, in just the same way as adding hot or cold water changes the temperature of a tank or bathtub. The class shows how to work out the speed with which changes occur to an attribute, and how these changes work through to drive performance over time. The class also explains how a resource can exhibit a quality-distribution, for example when customers vary in size or staff vary in experience.

The class includes examples of purchase-rates for consumers of a popular drug product, capacity of production units for a manufacturing company, experience-levels for a company’s sales force, customer-value and service demand for an IT-support company, and the changing value, income and risk for a bank’s portfolio of customer loans.

Key issues addressed

  • The attributes associated with resources that describe their quality and their contribution to performance
  • Understanding how those attributes improve and deteriorate as resources are added or lost
  • Implications for developing human resources, product range, and other functional issues
  • Using the quality-distribution of resources to decide where to focus efforts at improving performance
  • Situations when resources bring with them the potential to access others
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