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mystrategy® Support

Please note that mystrategy has now been withdrawn from public sale and has been replaced by Sysdea ( The notes below are for individuals who still have a mystrategy licence.

  • How do I download and install the mystrategytm software?
  • If you ordered through our shop your download links are provided on confirmation of order and by email. When logged into the site you can find them again by going to "My Library" - links for all items requested from the site are listed there.

    Download the software to a temporary location and then run the setup. This will install the program file and sample models to c:\Program Files\mystrategy. A shortcut to the software will be at Start | Programs | mystrategy.

    Download the User guide ( and the worked example (mystrategy_brand_example) to c:\Program Files\mystrategy or location of your choice. These items are both zipped PDFs.
  • Where is "My Library"?
  • Library location You need to be logged in to access your library.

    When logged in it appears in the administrative links to the top right of the page
  • How do I register mystrategy?
  • Unlock codes are based on a registration ID from your installation.

    After ordering a copy of the software (from the licences available) download and install the software. If you need to download it, links for items you have ordered are in "My Library".

    After installation, open the software [from Start | programs | MyStrategy ] and select the " Purchase/Register" button on the opening screen

    Copy the 14-character registration code provided on the next screen. If you need help finding the code look at this short video clip

    On the site select "My Account", and locate the item you need to register. Copy the 14-character registration ID into the box and add your own reference if you wish. Click Submit. You should receive your code within an hour of application.
  • How do I get a replacement unlock code for mystrategy?
  • Replacement codes will be needed when you install the software on a new machine and may be required when you do a system upgrade on the same machine.

    Replacement codes can be requested from the "My Account" page - look for my licences and select which code you need to replace and follow the instructions. You will need to use the registration ID from your new installation so make sure you have installed to the new (or upgraded) PC first.

    We operate "fair use" rules on replacement - mostly you will not be asked for more information but if you request what seems to be an unreasonable number of codes in a short period we reserve the right to suspend further codes being issued.
  • I have applied for but not received my unlock code
  • If you do not receive an email with your code within 15 minutes of application there are two possible reasons.
    • Our emails are not getting through to you. Please check on the My Account page under registrations (show my registrations). If a code has been created it will be displayed there.
    • Our registration server has been unable to process your code. Please contact us for assistance

This page has been updated to reflect arrangements for Sysdea which is an online, browser based software.

  • Please tell me about the free academic licence
  • If You are a teacher using Sysdea for teaching only we can make a free standard licence available to you. You can apply for a free 30 day trial account here then contact us to request upgrade. NOTE: You must use your organisation email address and a name that can be used to identify and confirm that you work at the stated institution. Registration may take up to 2 working days.
  • How can my students access Sysdea?
  • Access to Sysdea varies from free to a 5 month student licence available for $25 - More detail here
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