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Learn how to develop sound strategy for all types of situation. The Strategy Dynamics course is designed to be applied direct to your own situation, either tutored or untutored.

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Focusing on key issues in strategic management our proven strategy games provide engaging events that can be run in a single session but rich enough to support longer classes.

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Dynamic modelling

Sysdea is an online, award winning browser based software for creating and running quantified business models. Designed for ease of use, ideal in teaching. 30-day free trial, no card required.

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Strategy Dynamics Essentials
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We run face to face workshops and online events, both public and in-company.

Events include an online winter / summer school that runs over a week in January / July each year.

Conference workshops are also a regular feature in our calendar.

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Dynamic ideas can be introduced into existing strategy courses without hurting your budget. Here are some recommended key teacher resources.

Teacher icon To help you learn more our online strategy dynamics course is available free to recognised academics and includes materials that can be used in teaching at no cost.

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On our newly re-validated MBA we have three strategic management modules. Strategic Management Dynamics is recommended for two of the modules, strategic management and critical issues in corporate strategy.
"Strategy Dynamics is fundamental to deliver powerful insights for leading global companies in the sectors we serve. The method helps identify high-value brand strategies that other consulting firms with conventional approaches simply cannot match, so we ensure all our people are thoroughly trained in the approach."

Lars Finskud, Owner and CEO, Vanguard Strategy
"Strategic Management Dynamics offers a well structured and dynamic view on strategic management. Overdue and highly recommended."
"The emphasis on performance over time is very worthwhile and often neglected in mainstream strategy texts. Hence, I think Strategic Management Dynamics is a valuable and useful extension."
"I have applied the principles and practices in several business units both at Sun Microsystems and Microsoft..The resulting performance speaks for itself - everywhere I've introduced this, it remains a key tool in the senior managers' kit."

John Kapson, Managing Consultant, Sun Microsystems
I'm gradually internalising the gist of the strategy dynamic argument and I have the feeling it's going to change the way I see system dynamics, strategy, and business generally.
Strategic Management Dynamics is an interesting book that connects the topics of System Dynamics with Strategic Management and introduces the subject in a smooth way (not much mathematics).
Strategic Management Dynamics is a very good book. The first book that leverages SD to improve Strategic Management. This is a most welcome achievement.
I'd just like to say how impressively professional the whole strategy dynamics enterprise is. All the materials that accompany the course are first-rate and there's a huge amount of really useful support material.
Kim, Thank you for agreeing to keep on teaching this course in the future - strategy dynamics should clearly become a cornerstone in every Master´s program on strategy. And we will definitely proceed to work on getting practitioners interested in this subject.

Werner Hoffmann, Vienna University
You have been a teacher and an inspiring mentor, your Strategy Dynamics approach has had a lasting impact on how I think of Brand Strategy. Thank you Kim.

Vittorio Raimondi – Managing director, Foresight Associates.
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