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eBank Microworld

This business will take off! Can you keep the supply and demand of your savings bank services in balance to create a sustainable, strong profit generator?

eBank presents the difficult challenge of matching staffing levels with rapidly varying workloads, when there are unavoidable delays in getting the staff required. Low costs and high interest rates make it attractive for savers to invest their money with this business. But get that staffing wrong, and not only will poor service damage the company’s growth prospects, but existing staff may leave as well.   More...

Key learning points
Balancing of key resources is vital for successful business performance, and difficult when things are changing fast.   More...

Includes 3 pre-set game challenges as well as the facility to create your own challenges for your courses.

For teachers & trainers, an annotated slide set, suggested teaching schedules, teaching plan, instructions on using the simulation, background information and references.   More...

Workshops and courses for General Management, Strategy, Systems Thinking and Service Management.   More...
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