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Why Strategy Dynamics?

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Create and deliver powerful strategy and initiatives

Strategy Dynamics shows how business performance has developed up to the current time, how it will likely change into the future, and how to create and implement strategies to improve future performance. All supported by digital-twin business models that match the structure and behaviour of everything in the business system.

Our products and services are provided via three websites - this site for information, for courses and for our online simulations.
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See Kim Warren explain how digital twin business models can transform your plans and initiatives, driving powerful performance. Watch how a practical 4-step process can get you to living models that actually look like your business system and match its behaviour with uncanny realism. Use that digital twin to explore future scenarios and strategies. Then continually manage how that future plays out.

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At the heart of our our business modelling courses, Silico is a powerful, user-friendly online tool for building working, quantified models of any business challenge or plan. Silico also has the capability to handle large and complex models, and to integrate with corporate data-sources. It also now supports business process simulation.

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Online courses

Learn to build and use "digital twin" dynamic business models with our comprehensive, in-depth courses.

Our self-guided, online modelling courses are for analysts, consultants, accountants and executives wanting to build living business models .. and can be used to teach an essential skill for business students too!

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Free courses and other resources

Stratey dynamics can be introduced into existing strategy courses without hurting your budget. Here are some recommended key teacher resources.

To help you learn more our online courses are available free to recognised academics.

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Serious games

Focus on Strategy

For degree level and executive events

Focusing on key issues in strategy implementation, our proven strategy games provide engaging events that can be run in a single session, but are rich enough to support longer classes.

Games can be played in class or remotely by individuals or groups.

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"Essentials" textbook

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Strategy Dynamics Essentials
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Strategy Dynamics has brought together a very impressive and clear process with great supporting materials.

The software is really user friendly. As I am going through the Business Modeling course I’m building a model for Synergia and as we have two business - one in Australia and one in NZ - the sub-models are great. The example in the instruction video of ‘region1' and 'region 2' fits perfectly.

David Rees - Founding partner, Synergia -
I had the opportunity to take the Strategy Dynamics & Business Modeling combined course in Spring 17 .. It was a great learning experience, the level of knowledge depth was rich and mind opening, it was also combined with heavy participates and exercises that brings the principle to live .. The icing on the cake to me was the weekly one hour discussion with Professor Kim and the group all around the world, that alone is a unique and enriching experience .. ​
​Ahmed Waleed
"I’ve completed the entire Strategy Dynamics course and started the Business Modeling course. These are fantastic - so great that we are looking to hire people with these skills. Thanks!"
Bob Lamb: Founder & CEO, Foundation for Inclusion
"I want to personally thank you for this great course. It has been the most exciting I have taken. I will definitely do this type of work for my clients at the agency."
Esteban Ribero: VP Strategy - Leo Burnett/Lapiz
On our newly re-validated MBA we have three strategic management modules. Strategic Management Dynamics is recommended for two of the modules, strategic management and critical issues in corporate strategy.
"Strategic Management Dynamics offers a well structured and dynamic view on strategic management. Overdue and highly recommended."
"The emphasis on performance over time is very worthwhile and often neglected in mainstream strategy texts. Hence, I think Strategic Management Dynamics is a valuable and useful extension."
"I have applied the principles and practices in several business units both at Sun Microsystems and Microsoft..The resulting performance speaks for itself - everywhere I've introduced this, it remains a key tool in the senior managers' kit."

John Kapson, Managing Consultant, Sun Microsystems
I'd just like to say how impressively professional the whole strategy dynamics enterprise is. All the materials that accompany the course are first-rate and there's a huge amount of really useful support material.
Kim, Thank you for agreeing to keep on teaching this course in the future - strategy dynamics should clearly become a cornerstone in every Master´s program on strategy. And we will definitely proceed to work on getting practitioners interested in this subject.

Werner Hoffmann, Vienna University
You have been a teacher and an inspiring mentor, your Strategy Dynamics approach has had a lasting impact on how I think of Brand Strategy. Thank you Kim.

Vittorio Raimondi – Managing director, Foresight Strategy
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