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Key teachers resources

Our courses are suitiable for teaching at undergraduate through to executive education and we make them available free of charge to teachers in order enable evaluation as well as to "train the trainer".

We aim to provide teachers with sufficient material to be able to teach business modeling or the strategy dynamics approach, whether by introducing elements into existing classes, using a business simulation to provide an awareness of the ideas or going further with a complete course and use of the Silico online planning software.

The courses include many models and exercises that can be used with your students at no cost but for more in-depth learning we can also provide discounted access to courses for your students - potentially saving you many hours of class time. Contact us today to discuss providing materials for your classes. Strategy Dynamics Essentials

Our courses follow the structure of "Strategy Dynamics Essentials" a consise, practical textbook that works through the principles of core business architecture and more advanced aspects.

Do you teach at a university? If so why not request to register as a teacher for access to more materials.

Recommended Free materials

Free courses

Business Modeling courses - free for registered teachers

We make our online Business Modeling course. available to teachers free of charge. Details on how to access this offer are sent when you register as a teacher.

Strategy Dynamics course - free for registered teachers

Our online Strategy Dynamics course is currently unavailable as it is awaiting updates to use the Silico software. Once available we will again offer it to teachers free of charge.

Silico Strategy planning software

Our courses make extensive use of Silico: online strategy planning software used for exercises and worksheets. Sign up for an account on Silico

Microworlds (Business simulations)

See our range of business games

We have a range of Microworlds (business games) designed to communicate specific learning points. They can be run in a single session, or over several sessions, are inexpensive and easy to use.

We help you deliver a successful course by providing comprehensive teaching packs that enable you to incorporate our Microworlds rapidly into your training repertoire. Have a look at the selection of Microworlds available to find the one most relevant for your needs.