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What the course includes:

  • Access to the full course consisting of video lectures, exercises using Sysdea models and worksheets
  • PDF of slides to create your own set of slide handouts
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  • Full size slides with builds to match the online course that you can use in class (PDF format)
  • PDF copy of "Strategy Dynamics Essentials"
  • Sysdea exercises model links to share with your students - see example below.

Other Course Resources

Sysdea logo The course makes extensive use of Sysdea: an online strategy planning software used for exercises and worksheets. As a teacher you may be eligible for a free "Standard" account on Sysdea for use in teaching only. Sign-up for a free 30 day Trial on then contact us for an upgrade - please use your formal University email account for this.

Student access for Sysdea
Your students can use Sysdea in the following ways:
  • Experimenting with shared models - no account is necessary. Functionality available to students depends on whether the share link is for a Read-Only or Read-Write Model
    • Read-Only - students can view a model but not make any changes to it. They can undertake experiments with a model using variables that have been set up as decisions. The Bass Diffusion Example below is an example.
    • Read-Write - in addition to experiments possible with Read Only models students can see the data and equations behind variables as well as changing the model in any way. This includes adding new variables. However, with no account there is no option to save.
    Cost: FREE.
  • Full access on 30 day trial. If your course duration is less than one month our 30 day trial option provides full functionality including creating, saving and sharing models, and this may well be sufficient for your needs. At the end of this period the account is frozen unless a subscription is taken out or a token applied that grants longer access. Cost: FREE.
  • Student class access licence. The academic price for a class at University level is $25 per student for a semester licence (generally 6 months total with 30 day trial), with additional months at $5/month/student. This is currently arranged though our office, contact us for more information.
A typical Sysdea exercise....

Sysdea models run in your browser so there is nothing to install, but it does require the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 10 and above.

This model is about customers adopting a new durable product (such as a consumer electronic device) or semi-durable product (such as running shoes). Customers are won by marketing AND by word of mouth ... but the win-rate slows down as the potential customer-base is used up. Sales come from purchases by first-time buyers and from repeat sales to existing consumers.

You can read more about the Bass Diffusion model here.

Your decisions

  • the marketing spend to win new customers
  • and, optionally, the percentage buying from word of mouth recommendations, the number of contacts consumers have and the percentage of cunsumers who re-purchase each month.

Using the model

  • The Model opens with default decisions run through to the end as shown by the progress bar at the bottom of the screen.
    Sysdea progress bar
  • Open the Play controls by selecting the up arrow on the left
    Sysdea play controls
  • Add a comparison run by clicking on the leftmost button with + icon. This also opens the
    Sysdea play controls and decisions
    To see how the decisions fit into the model click on each in the decisions list - the view moves so that item is in the center of the screen.
  • You can now experiment with changing decsions and running the model to see the impact of the changes. Note that you can step though in single steps or let it run through to the end. In this mode it plays through slowly so you can pause and change decisions part way. In model creation mode Sysdea simulation time is almost instant and is in "always run" mode so that the impact of your changes are visible instantly,

Challenge examples

  • What marketing spend is needed - for the first 6 months only, zero thereafter, to achieve final sales of 10,000 units/month? (Other values unchanged)
  • How much marketing is needed for the first 6 months only to reach the same sales rate by start of month 13 (that is, after 1 year)?

Then, change consumer behaviour values and explore more questions, such as how much marketing spend is needed to achieve the results above if 7% of consumers by from recommendations - or 3%?

This exercise is just one of around 40 used on the course. As a participant on the course you have access to the complete model so you can become comfortable with the way it works. We also provide links (both "read-only" and "read-write" that you can share with your students to use as exercises in your own courses.

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