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Teachers FAQs

The principles in the Strategy Dynamics online course will be unfamiliar to almost all Professors and instructors who teach, whether to undergraduate business students, MBAs or executives. This page provides information – as concise as possible – to explain the principles involved, help you start incorporating some dynamics principles in your teaching, and explain the resources available to support you.

Note: Although our focus is primarily on business issues the approach can is applicable to a wide range of disciplines and situations.

The information is organised in a series of "FAQs" – common questions that teachers may have about strategy dynamics. If questions you have are not covered in this material, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Other short FAQs can be found here

You may find it useful to have the course web-pages open alongside this page so you can see what the questions and answers are referring to.

Typical questions include…

Why do I need Dynamics?

There are already many strategy methods and frameworks in our courses and textbooks, but they share some important limitations that are of real, practical importance. This short video looks at those limitations, and why strategy dynamics is needed to break through them. (Video duration:10 mins)

A more detailed version is available here (27 mins).

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How do I get started?

…or what is the least I have to know to make use of dynamics concepts in my classes? You probably have very little time to invest in taking on new concepts and materials in your strategy teaching, and the full Strategy Dynamics agenda is very extensive. Fortunately, you can start with some very small steps indeed, as this video explains. (Video duration:16 mins)

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How does Dynamics fit with existing strategy classes?

The last thing you want to do if you have invested hundreds of hours in developing the strategy course you currently teach is throw it out – or even a large part of it – and start again. This short video explains where strategy dynamics frameworks can be used to complement your current teaching, rather than replacing it. (Video duration:16 mins)

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What teaching resources are available?

We make a large quantity of resources available, most of which you can simply pick up and use – not just slides and hand-outs, but working models and worksheets. As this short video explains, we can even make the course videos themselves available so you do not have to do the basic teaching at all! (Video duration:12 mins)

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How far can this take me (and my students)?

As we said above, there is a lot to the Strategy Dynamics method, and it includes several extension frameworks that are very useful in isolation, as well as when incorporated in an overall strategy assessment. This video gives just a few examples of these extensions. (Video duration:29 mins)

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