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Strategy health check

You may already have a strategic plan for your organization, business unit or function. However, such plans often include hidden inconsistencies, lack an implementation plan that is sufficiently specific, or be insufficiently clear about the performance outcomes that will result and the metrics to follow to keep the plan on track. Similar concerns may arise with strategy reports you have received from consultants or with important issues or initiatives confronting your organization.

Example outcomes of reviews:

  • Client A: Pharmaceuticals competitive threat. Previous attack in market 1 had seen a loss of 30% market share .. strategy review in market 2 held loss to less than 10%, and no sacrifice of price or margin.
  • Client B: Fund management. Strategy consultants’ focus on market saturation and competitive conditions to sustain growth missed the need to multiply flow of skilled staff 10-fold

If you are interested in a strategy health-check for your business please contact us.

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