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Customised Strategy Dynamics Training

We develop and deliver custom training programs in the Strategy Dynamics approach.

A typical format would be a two-plus-one day course that enables a focus on your business needs covering

  • The strategy dynamics approach
  • Business dynamics application using cases, Microworld simulation and Sysdea software
  • Applying the strategy dynamics approach, using the participants problem or case

There would then be a gap of a few weeks to allow participants time to apply the approach to their cases. This would be followed by a third day that would typically include:

  • Coaching on applying strategy dynamics, using the participants cases
  • Extended strategy dynamics concepts

Emphasis is placed on the practical application of the approach to deliver real results.

See a more detailed sample outline. Shorter and longer courses can be arranged, including options for a portion of the course to be online. If you are interested in a developing a custom program on strategy dynamics for your business please contact us.

Alternatively why not consider our online Strategy Dynamics courses?

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