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Teachers Webinars

Past webinars

In 2013, we offered a short set of webinars for teachers considering including any of the materials in their own classes – whether that is just a small number of simple frameworks, the whole course, or anything in between! Although a few years ond now the content is still relevant.

Getting started

A review of the topics in the 'Getting started' teachers video, with examples of teaching activity that might be used, and outlining the materials available for teachers to use. Plus questions from participants.

Video duration 67 minutes.

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Examples and cases

Explains the choice of examples used in the course and how to select other examples and cases for class discussion. Participants were encouraged to ask about how the course principles might be added to class discussion of case studies they already use.

Video duration 75 minutes.

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Student exercises and assessment

Explains how to use the exercises included in the course with students, additional assignments that may be set, and how to assess students’ learning from the course.

Video duration 75 minutes.

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