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The Football League Challenge

An entertaining, energetic but instructive paper based game for 20-60 people, with teams competing in an imaginary football league over several seasons.

Unlike our other business games, the Football League Challenge does not require participants to work with PCs or software – it is facilitated by the instructor at front of class [no need for break-out rooms].   More...

The importance of steering business performance over time, how resources – including morale and other intangibles – drive that performance, and the value of a rigorous, diagrammatic view of how the business system works. Teams also learn how winning in a competitive situation requires sustained, long-term mastery of strategic management.   More...

This game runs in class, over 2-3 hours. Teams [of which there can be 10-12, each of 2-5 players] compete to win an imaginary football league over several seasons, and to build strong cash reserves. Teams have paper-based performance reports and a diagram showing the changing relationship between players, fans, profits and cash. Instructors use a front-of-class spreadsheet to record decisions, display team results and performance tables, and generate the simple performance reports for each team after each season   More...

This game works well as an introductory event in degree programs, executive courses and in-company events. Being a fun but insightful activity, it is also a great way to end a course and send participants on their way in a motivated frame of mind   More...


5 minute overview )

Class video: 10 mins - summary

Long class video: 51 mins