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The Football League Challenge

The game works well in a number of differing situations.

Degree Courses [Undergraduate or MBA]

  • Ice-breaker at the start of the entire program, or individual courses – especially in Strategy, but also in General Management or H.R./Organizational Behaviour.
  • Capstone exercise at the end of courses in any of the topics above.

Executive Courses

  • Team-building and instructional introduction at the start of company-specific or open-enrolment courses.
  • As a light, but insightful wrap-up exercise at the end of such courses, when participants are not in a good frame of mind for a further heavy class of case analysis or theory.

In-Company Events

    As a team-building exercise for off-site events with larger groups of staff.
  • For staff induction, e.g. introducing graduate recruits to simple business ideas and the concept of how an integrated organization works and performs.


5 minute overview )

Class video: 10 mins - summary

Long class video: 51 mins