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The Football League Challenge

The resources to run the game include the following:
  • An Excel spreadsheet that runs all aspects of the game’s operations, including the processing of decisions, tables and charts of teams’ performance and printing of each season’s performance report for each team.
  • The spreadsheet is personalised to a specific institution or instructor, and then licensed for each event with a simple code provided by email. Free demonstration licenses can be supplied.
  • Instructors are provided with a slide-pack, explaining the game’s operations and including a small number of slides for use in class.
  • In addition to the instructor slide-pack, documentation in PDF format to print locally is provided is as follows:
  • -page, 2-sided Game Briefing note for participants
  • 1-page, 2-sided Game Briefing note for participants
  • Decision-cards master document for each team [to print on perforated card]
  • Game architecture document [to print, large-scale, for each team]
Click here for a short video demonstration of the exercise being run with a large class. A full-length video is provided of the game being run with a class of 60 senior executives.


5 minute overview )

Class video: 10 mins - summary

Long class video: 51 mins