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Strategic Management Dynamics

Award winning author Kim Warren presents his new book: Strategic Management Dynamics - a complete framework in the field of Strategic Management.

Strategic Management Dynamics builds on, and goes substantially beyond the existing strategy textbooks with its focus on understanding and managing how organisations perform over time. Based on simple but powerful underlying principles, the book both lays out a comprehensive approach to strategy analysis, design and delivery, and connects with established frameworks in the field.

In Strategic Management Dynamics Kim Warren provides a valuable teaching resource, which can be used as a core textbook to bring strategy to life. With numerous examples from different sectors, the book is supported by a rich variety of simulation-based learning materials that are essential if strategy principles are to be experienced, rather than just discussed.

For those who have already learned about strategy, this book provides an important update and extension of their knowledge.

A fundamentally different approach to strategy …Strategic Management Dynamics starts with understanding how an organization’s resources behave and drive performance [whether in corporate, public-service or non-profit settings]. It addresses competitive dynamics and implications for profitability. It offers an important extension to existing frameworks and teaching materials via an over-riding focus on the key concern in Strategy – improving organizations' performance over time. It features:

  • development of established strategy frameworks to demonstrate principles of time-based performance
  • numerous simulation models to demonstrate dynamic principles, ideal for class exercises and assignments (many of these are relevant in marketing, human-resource policy, operations management and other topics as well as in Strategy)
  • a detailed worked example, built up from chapter to chapter, illustrating the key frameworks of strategy dynamics analysis in a well-known sector - airlines - allowing the book to be used with the many popular cases in the field
  • end-of-chapter questions and exercises, supported by detailed worksheets – these are also available in a software package purpose-built for modelling strategy and performance over time