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System Dynamics for Business and Strategy

Business is one of the largest and most valuable domains where system dynamics can make a big impact.

  • …the most important business challenges are about how to improve performance over time
  • …the business systems that drive performance are complex and inter-dependent
  • no other method can address these challenges

System dynamics can tackle operational or strategic issues

  • …can answer one-time questions or provide a continuing plan
  • …can deliver answers for any type of organisation, of any size, at any level

It can be used by internal management, consultants, analysts and investors

"Strategy Dynamics" is simply a translation of system dynamics into business, in terms business people can understand and exploit.

At the International System Dynamics Conference held in Boston, MA, 17-21 July 2005, Kim Warren, our founding Director, was awarded the Jay W. Forrester Prize for his first book "Competitive Strategy Dynamics". Find out more and view presentaions...

Sysdea: Online system dynamics software

Sysdea logo We developed "Sysdea" - online system dynamics software for dynamic modelling and simulation. Sysdea is especially suitable for education or working with teams new to dynamic modelling.

Read more at, and see the documentation here

Some Example Sysdea models:

Note: Runs in your browser - latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE9 - there is nothing to install.


Online course

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Online simulation software

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