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Strategy and Business Dynamics Online Winter School

6-10 January 2014, With introductory webinar and pre-work in preceding week

Course Leader: Kim Warren

If your post-holiday period is quiet it could be the perfect time to add to your strategy skills!

Book today £250 + VAT

Join us for this online course to learn about this powerful approach to improving strategy and performance.

You get:

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  • online video-classes to study
  • exercises to work on your own topic
  • daily webinars to clarify what you have learned
  • many strategy models to keep and develop
  • a readable and practical e-book
  • … and you get continued access to these materials for as long as you want!

Plus an introduction to simple, powerful software for applying the method.

Why take this course?

Case 1 diagram: pharma

Strategy dynamics provides the missing link from "strategy" (where we want to get to, and how) to much better performance, whether for any part of an organisation or the whole enterprise. You will learn the essential principles needed to create a living, quantified picture of how a business system works and performs. This alone is a powerful tool for implementing strategy, and because that picture can be updated continually, it can be adjusted as events unfold — the annual business plan is obsolete!

From this foundation you will see how to extended your understanding to handle complex and subtle issues, such as creating a high-quality business system capable of sustained performance, tackling competitors, and dealing with critical intangibles and capabilities.

The resulting strategy model is easy to explain, so others can help build it, and its fact-based focus cuts through differences of opinion that can kill good plans or prevent successful implementation.

Who will benefit?

Case 1 diagram: high-tech

The course will be of value to anyone taking on challenges in their own organization, as well as consultants wanting a unique and valuable new service for clients. Strategy dynamics deals with a wide range of issues and situations:

  • Any organisation: The principles work for any product or service business, at any stage from start-up to maturity, and in any sector – including non-profits.
  • Any level: Strategy dynamics delivers sustained performance improvements for teams, departments, business units and whole corporations.
  • Continuing plans, or one-time issues: You may need a long-term plan that can adapt continually, or be facing a one-time challenge or opportunity – the course will show how to tackle both of these needs.

Agenda for the course

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Note: All online meetings will be held at 3pm UK time and are scheduled to last a maximum of 90 minutes. They will be recorded and made available to participants, so your actual timing can be flexible. The time of the first session is shown here.

The Winter School includes continuing access to the Introductory Strategy Dynamics online course. These will be made available to you from 20 December or on booking if later. Also provided will be a PDF copy of "Strategy Dynamics Essentials"


Friday 3rd January: Welcome and orientation online meeting.

Pre-course: View 5 class videos (total just over 2 hours) at your leisure and explore related models and exercises.

Mon 6th: Discussion of Summary classes 1+2. Why business needs "dynamics" – a focus on time-based performance – resources driving growth.

Tues 7th: Resource growth – interdependence and feedback – strategic control.

Wed 8th: The core business system and performance – standard dynamic business models – the business "cash machine".

Thurs 9th: Add-on frameworks (1). Customer and business quality — long time-scale resource-building – beating competitors.

Fri 10th: Add-on frameworks (2). Dealing with intangibles – building capabilities … plus communicating strategy dynamics to others and taking your work forward.

Fees and registration

Book today £250 + VAT The cost of this course £ 250 (Plus VAT in EU).

Joining instructions will be sent by 20 December or on enrollment if later.

If you have questions or queries please contact us for assistance.